September 28th: The Final Day

Sunday, September 28 2008 @ 09:39 AM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

The season comes to a close with Litsch vs Baltimore. A win today and they reach Cito's stated goal of 10 games over 500.

Thanks to the two rain shortened games we have a fully rested pen so if Cito wants any final looks at guys today is the day. Probable final games as a Jay: Zaun, Wilkerson, Mench. Snider will get his last chance to leave a strong impression before JP goes Christmas shopping for a DH or something else. McDonald and Scutaro try to talk the Jays into letting them share SS. Bautista fights for a roster slot in 2008 as does Curtis Thigpen. The Jays staff, unless Camp or Frasor have a meltdown today, will have 15 out of 19 pitchers with an above league average ERA (McGowan at 99, Purcey at 78, Benitez at 76, and Accardo at 66). If John McDonald plays 7 innings he'll take over the lead for innings at SS over Eckstein. The Jays regular lineup (based on inning leader at position) has only 3 guys under 100 for OPS+ - Barajas, Eckstein/McDonald, and Stairs. Lind and Inglett with bad days could drop under as well (both at 101).

Elsewhere in games that matter... Minnesota plays KC trying to keep the advantage over Chicago who plays Cleveland. Both have the same number of losses so Chicago must win to guarantee their rain make up game tomorrow vs Detroit matters or pray that Minnesota loses. A one game playoff would occur Tuesday in Chicago if needed.

The Mets play the Marlins while the Brewers battle the Cubs. Brewers and Mets are tied so if one wins and the other loses we have a wild card winner, if both win or both lose we have a one game playoff tomorrow at what could be the final game in Shea Stadium. I like the Brewers odds today with CC going while the Mets are counting on Oliver Perez to keep them alive.