BBFL 2009

Saturday, February 14 2009 @ 01:09 PM EST

Contributed by: Gwyn

Welcome to Year Seven of the Batter's Box Fantasy League.

Update:  Existing owners last chance. If you want to play this year let me know by the end of the weekend (Sun 22nd) or I'll be giving your slot to a new owner.

Who's With Us?

Last week, I emailed all of last year's managers about returning for 2009. If you did not receive it, please send email to bbfl at gwynprice dot com to let me know you'll be playing this year.

I am still waiting to hear from the following teams. Please get in touch ASAP!
Billie's Bashers (R.Billie your email is bouncing)
Lubumbashi Posse
Moscow Rats
Big Game Hunters
Angry Gnomes
Club Osmosis
Sweaty Guys
BSL Blue Sox

League Spreadsheets

Should be available here (if Google Docs is behaving)

Off Season Schedule
Rule proposals and discussion will run from now until a week on Monday, make your proposals in the comments below. If we have complete team ownership on time, the schedule will run as follows:

Now    -> Mar 01    Ownership/Roster Decisions
Feb 14 -> Feb 23    Rule Change Poposals/Discussion
Feb 23 -> Feb 30    Rule Voting
Mar 01 -> Mar 22     OffSeason Trading Window
Mar 22            Announce Keepers
Mar 26            Keeper Final Deadline
Apr 02            Draft

The moment we get a leagueís ownership finalized, I will begin emailing owners to match owners with orphaned rosters. In essence, demoted teams choose first (in order of 2008 finish), then promoted teams, then owners promoted via attrition. Owners who do not respond promptly will be passed over and may have rosters assigned to them.

Regarding the trading window, all teams may have players they must relinquish before the season per the three-year rule. Iíll post a list in the near future. Keep this in mind when developing a trading strategy or prioritising rosters you'd like to take over.

Rule Proposal Guidelines

1. One owner proposes a rule change or an addition/adjustment to a current rule.
2. Someone seconds the proposal.
3. The proposal is added to the list. If two or more proposals seem contradictory, I may combine them into a single multiple-choice question at the time of voting (as an example from 2004, we wouldn't have wanted separate proposals on how many teams to relegate). We'll just see how they develop.

Remember, BBFL rules canít contradict Yahoo, and Yahoo doesn't give league comish's much flexibility. For example, in 2005 the BBFL voted to require 100 or more at-bats to qualify for offensive wins (similar to the 25-inning minimum). I later discovered that Yahoo provided no way to implement that rule, so out it went. Rule changes on in-game play (for example, statistical categories) will take effect this year, but structural changes involving ownership (for example, the ordering system for placing orphaned rosters with new owners) will not take effect until 2009. Put another way, no new rule may take effect before Opening Day.

Also, if a proposed rule would create onerous administrative duties for the commissioner, the commissioner reserves the right to complain incessantly until the ruleís proponents give up.


Per league rules, the three lowest-ranked teams in the Alomar and Barfield divisions move down, and the top three teams (in the standings or playoffs, depending on the circumstances) in Barfield and Carter move up. Here are the switches for 2006:
New Jersey Stratuses, Pohnpei Papayas, The Unruhlies and The Trembling WIlburies advanced to Alomar.
1 Tool Wonders, Homer Jays Simpsons and Hannibals Cannibals were relegated to Barfield.
Wedding SIngers, Garths Iorgies, All Braun No Brains and Randy Wolves (attrition) advanced to Barfield.
London Tigers, Sweaty Guys and BSL Blue Sox were relegated to Carter.

Draft Day

During the past three years, every division has held its draft on the Thursday prior to Opening Day. This year, that will be April 2nd. at 9PM EST (Yahoo draft slots permitting)

Waiting List

Interested in playing? Join the waiting list. My spreadsheet with last years list unfortunately got corrupted so we'll have to start a fresh list for this year. As you can see abbove we still have ten existing owners who have not committed from last year, so we will probably have a few vacancies this year. If you'd like to be added please email bbfl at gwynprice dot com, with:
Your Name
Your box Id
Your Team Name