Newberg Notes: "tough, resilient, solid"

Wednesday, April 22 2009 @ 12:09 AM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

Friend of Batter's Box Jamey Newberg, proprietor of the best major league baseball e-mail newsletter on the planet, just posted a special edition of his daily missive to Texas Rangers (and other baseball) fans everywhere. Here's part of what he wrote:

We were on the road, starting a seven-game trip, losers of seven out of nine, facing the team with the best record in the American League, matched up against perhaps the most consistently dominating pitcher in the league ...

... (who, with a win, would have had one fewer victory on the season than the Rangers as a whole), sending out not our number one, and not our number two, but a young starting pitcher still trying to establish some degree of dependability -- and we battled our way to a win.

It's frustrating that we're capable of games like that but are just as prone to struggle against Detroit, Baltimore, and Kansas City.

But thatís about the only thing that was frustrating about Texas 5, Toronto 4. Good grief, that was a good win. A tough, resilient, solid win. A third straight three-run effort from Brandon McCarthy. Ian Kinslerís first opposite field home run since birth. Nelson Cruz erasing any questions. Pivotal defense at third base from Michael Young. The consistently reliable Jason Jennings, commanding as nasty a breaking ball as this staff has seen in a few years. Ron Washington bucking conventionality and Frankie Francisco making it pay off.


Your thoughts, Bauxites?