File and Forget

Tuesday, May 05 2009 @ 10:52 AM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

An 0-2 changeup.... meh.

Today's game isn't on regular TV, but you can pick it up on the Rogers preview channel (399 in Toronto.)

It is, one must admit, deeply irritating to give up hits on 0-2 pitches. Cito Gaston is old-school enough to get very irritated indeed by this sort of thing (as you will recall from his discussions, on the mound and in the dugout, with Brian Tallet in Kansas City.) What can you do. I don't particularly buy the real old-school thinking that you throw a waste pitch on 0-2. No. You're ahead of the batter, so go get rid of him and get after the next guy (or in the case of Asdrubal Cabrera last night, head on into the clubhouse and pound some Budweiser.)

Anyway, let's move on.

I'm watching Lakers-Rockets after the Jays game. Getting irritated, as always, by Kobe Bryant. Just watching him. And it occurred to me - this is exactly how I respond to Alex Rodriguez. Awesome player, and so irritating. Are there any other hoopsters who remind me of baseball players?

First one I thought of was Allen Iverson and... Rickey Henderson! He's smaller than the other guys, his game is utterly unique, and his personality didn't exactly roll off an assembly line.

I dunno... Tim Duncan and Albert Pujols? Just relentlessly, awesomely great and almost bland about it?

I await your input.