71 Games Down - Jays 1 Game Out Of Playoffs

Monday, June 22 2009 @ 01:22 PM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

Yup, still just 1 game out of the playoffs and just 10 games from the mid-season point.

So, being so close to mid-season what do we get if we double Jay statlines?  Just going with basic stats for fun here.

HR Leader: Hill on pace for 30, Lind 28, Rios/Overbay both going for 18
RBI Leader: Lind & Hill both shooting for 96, Overbay for the 80's, Rios & Barajas for the 70's
Runs: Scutaro 106, Lind, Wells, and Hill are all going for the mid-80's.
Hits: Hill has a shot at 200 still (186 if you double his current total)
Doubles: 3 guys are shooting for 40 (Lind, Rolen, Scutaro) with Rios close behind (just needs one more over the next 10 games to be on pace) as is Wells (17 right now) and Overbay (16).

Wins: Halladay shooting for 20, then Frasor & Richmond for 10 - yes, no one has more than 1/2 the wins of Halladay with Romero & Tallet (4 each) the only others over 2.
Strikeouts: Only Halladay, Richmond, Tallet, and Romero have shots at 100+ K's right now, no one else has K'd 30.
Walks: The flipside - only Tallet has walked more than 30 (on pace for around 80), Richmond more than 20 (23, pace to be under 50).  Everyone else is 19 or less.

As to the good ol' rankings... the Jays are
#1 in the AL for AB, H, 2B
#2 for Average
#3 for total bases
#4 for sac flies & OPS
#5 for runs, HR, BB, OBP, Slg%

#1 for IP, SO/BB ratio
#2 for wins, walks, BB/9 IP
#3 for strikeouts, shutouts
#4 for runs allowed/game, H/9 IP
#6 for runs allowed

Interesting that they can still do so well pitching wise with 6 starters (including their pre-season top 4) on the DL.

Other baseball news...
Manny is almost back - his return is July 3rd.
Tony LaRussa has 2500 wins #3 all time for managers.
AJ Burnett has his suspension reduced to a useless 5 games
CC Sabithia is hurt, but felt he didn't have to leave the game.
Dice-K is on the DL and it looks to be for awhile.

While you never want guys getting hurt it is nice to see that not only the Jays get hurt in the AL East.