Jays In Playoff Position

Wednesday, June 24 2009 @ 11:55 AM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

5 starting pitchers DL'd plus our current closer with the $10 million closer now a mop up man?  No problem!

Jays now are tied with the Yankees.  How?
AL Leaderboard: Rolen is #4 for batting average, Overbay #7 for OBP, Wells/Scutaro #1 in games played (Hill, Rios & Lind in top 10 as well), top 4 in AB's are all Jays, Scutaro #1 in runs scored, Hill #2 in hits Scutaro #7 Lind #10, Hill & Lind top 5 in Total Bases, Lind #3 in doubles while Rolen & Scutaro are #6, Lind #8 in RBI, Scutaro #2 in BB, Scutaro #1 in times on base, Overbay #5 in intentional walks (didn't notice that!) as is Lind, Rios & Wells & Hill are top 10 in GIDP (ooops), while Wells, Hill, Rios are #1/3/4 in outs made (another oops).

For non-Halladay pitching we have...
Tallet #5 in H/9 IP, Richmond #10 in H/9IP, Carlson #1 in games pitched.

A team OPS+ of 107 is ahead of the Red Sox and behind the Yanks & Rays (#4 in AL).  Team ERA+ is 102 #6 in AL behind Boston & Tampa but well ahead of the Yanks 95.  #3 in defensive efficency (% of balls hit made into outs) just ahead of the Yankees and well ahead of the Rays and Red Sox (Sox are 2nd last in the AL).

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