The Hall of Names tries to thrust and Perry ...

Sunday, August 30 2009 @ 11:40 PM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

Not sure what got me thinking about the name "Perry" recently, but it's one of those names that has been a first, middle and last -- all of the above! -- in major league lore. You've already thought of the brothers, Gaylord and Jim, right? And if you were paying attention in the 1990s, maybe Gerald and Herb have crossed your mind.

But the truth is, we have to violate Hall of Names tradition to build a full roster -- and even then, we can't quite do so without ignoring a long-standing HoN rule and accepting roster applications from more than just the last-named amongst our Perry-atric crew.

The name "Perry" has appeared in big league ledgers more than 30 times, including 12 times as a last/family name (apologies to RHRP Parson Perryman, 2-4 with the 1915 SLB, who is not eligible), twice (just twice?) as a given/first name and 15 more times as a given/middle name. Three managers, including two who were also players, bore the name "Perry," including one of our two Hall of Famer pitchers. So we'll struggle along, employing our best fencing moves, in building a roster for (sorry about this) ...

The Thrust and Perry
**indicates Hall of Famer
* indicates All-Star

Coaching Staff
Oliver Perry "O.P." Caylor (163-182, 1885-86 CIN, 1887 NY)
Pitcher/Coach: Walter Perry Johnson** (529-432, 1929-32 WSH, 1933-35 CLE)
Player/Coach: Robert Perry "Bob" Lillis (276-261, 1982-85 HOU)

1B Gerald Perry* (.265, 59 HR, 142 SB, 1983-95 ATL, KCR, STL)
2B Joseph Perry "J.P." Wood (wartime .323 for 1943 DET)
SS Robert Perry "Bob" Lillis (.236, 1958-67)
3B Herb Perry (.272, 55 HR, 1994-2004 CLE, TBD, CHW, TEX)
LF Edward Perry "Bud" Stewart (.268, 1941-42, '48-54)
CF Melvin "Bob" Perry (.266, 1963-64 LAA)
RF Sargent Perry "Sadie" Houck (also a shortstop, .250, seven teams, 1879-87)
DH Edward Perry White (2-for-4, 1955 CHW)

OF/P Vincent Perry "Vince" Dailey (.289, 17 SB; 0-1, 7.71, 1890 CLV)
SS Harry Chappas (.245, 1978-80 CHW)
SS/3B Oliver Perry "Ollie" Beard (.270, 73 SB, 1889-90 CIN, 1891 LOU)
SS Favel Perry Wordsworth (.238, 1873 Elizabeth Resolutes)
OF Jason Perry (2-for-17, 2008 ATL)

RHSP Walter Perry Johnson** (417-279, 1907-27 WSH)
RHSP Gaylord Perry** (314-265, 1962-83, eight teams; 5 20+ wins seasons)
RHSP Jim Perry* (215-174, 1959-75, four teams)
RHSP Perry Werden (12-1 in 1884, only season as P; 1884-97, hit .282, 150 SB)
LHSP Ezra Perry Lincoln (3-14, 5.28, 21-year-old, 1890 CLV, SYR)

RHRP John Joseph Perry "Johnny" Gorsica (31-39, 17 saves, 4.18, parts of 1940-47 DET)
LHRP Pat Perry (12-10, six saves, 1985-90 STL, CIN, CHC, LAD)
RHRP Ryan Perry (one of 10 youngest in MLB in 2009; 3.59 through first 41 G with DET)
LHRP Charles Perry "Charlie" Gorin (1954-55 MLN; 0-1, 3.60, 7 G, 10 IP)
RHSP Scott Perry (1915-21, 40-68; 35-61, 1918-20; lost 25 for 1920 PHA)

LHRP William Perry "Bill" Clowers (1 unearned run in 1.2 IP, 1926 BOS)
SS Perry Currin (0-for-2, 1 BB, 18-year-old '47 SLB)
SS/2B Boyd Perry (.181, 1941 DET)
OF/1B Chan Perry (.080, 2000 CLE, 2002 KCR)
3B Clay Perry (.118, 1908 DET)
OF Hank Perry (.167, 1912 DET)

A Perry Kings Won't Win that Hand ... All due respect to the manager and coaching staff of Oliver, Walter and Bob, but I really wanted to find a way to make Bobby Winkles, the old Angels and A's manager, the skipper of this team ... the "Perry-Winkles" puns had colorful possibilities, don't you think? ... While nobody named "Perry" has ever caught a single inning in the big leagues, we seem to have an overabundance of shortstops. Well, if it's true that shortstops tend to be the best athletes on a team (or that the best athletes gravitate to shortstop -- chicken/egg), at least we might have a versatile and athletic pool to build our bench -- and maybe one of them can catch ...

Speaking of shortstops, Chappas was the youngest player in baseball at age 20 in his 1978 debut, but was best known for being just 5'3" ... The Hall of Fame train Walter Johnson drove won at least 20 games in a season 13 times in a 17-year span, including 11 in a row, and crossed the 30-win barrier twice, capped by a 36-7 mark in 1913 ... So no, Gaylord Perry isn't even the best pitcher ont the All-Perry team! ... Favel Perry Wordsworth? Really? That deserves a nomination for greatest "doesn't-sound-like-an-athlete" name of all time -- and he played for a team called the Elizabeth Resolutes in the great state of New Jersey; raise your hand if you've heard of them! Anyone? Anyone? ... That's right, Ed White "retired" after his brief gig with the 1955 ChiSox, sporting a career batting average of a neat .500 ... Anyone with THAT kind of career mark gets to be the starting designated hitter. Now, keep it up, Ed!

Bud Stewart apparently liked doing things in multiples of 32 ... he hit 32 homers and 32 triples, as well as 96 doubles ... 13 of Stewart's 32 triples came in 1948, which nearly led the AL (Tommy Henrich had one more than that); he never had more than six in any other single season ... Speaking of triples, Werden twice led the league in three-baggers, including a remarkable 29 in 1892; he also landed in the Top 10 in homers twice, though he never hit more than eight in a season ... In 1884, Werden was 12-1, 1.97 as an 18-year-old SP for the St. Louis Maroons; he never pitched again ...When the first three members of your starting rotation combine for 946 wins, it's a bit of a dropoff when the two guys at the back of the rotation combined to go 15-15 ...

Sidebar: Perrys vs. Niekros
The Niekros were 539-378 while the Perrys were 529-439; with more total wins AND a better winning percentage, score one for the Niekros! ... Both Perry brother pitchers, Jim and Gaylord, won Cy Young Awards; in fact, Gaylord won two. Neither Niekro ever won a Cy Young. So score one for the Perrys! ... And how'd the brothers do as teammates? Well, the Perrys were teammates with the 1974 Indians, where they were a combined 38-25 (Jim was 17-12, Gaylord was 21-13). The Niekros were teammates twice, with 1973-74 Braves and the 1985 Yankees; in those three campaigns, they were a combined 63-42 (Phil was 56-35, Joe was 7-7).

So the Niekro teammates had a winning percentage of exactly .600 while the Perry teammates were a noodge better at .603 -- but the Niekros hold the clear edge in total wins, 56-38 ... Dang, let's just call the whole thing a draw ...