Jays Hire Ed Lynch ex-GM of Cubs

Tuesday, December 29 2009 @ 09:33 AM EST

Contributed by: John Northey

Yup, a former Cubs GM is now in the fold.

OK, so things aren't too exciting at this time of year in MLB.  But what this indicates is the Jays are still chasing down top scouting talent.  It sounds more and more like they are trying to do a 'Detroit Red Wings' method where you have guys who have tons of experience on hand as talent evaluators and assistants to make sure good choices are made.  Lynch was the GM of the Cubs from late 1994 to mid-2000.  His top draft picks in 1995-2000 were not the best - flops in 2000/1999/1996, Corey Patterson in 1998 (3rd overall), Jon Garland in 1997, Kerry Wood in 1995.  He was the one in charge when Sammy Sosa jumped to 60+ HR a year, Kerry Wood coming up too soon and pushed too hard (Prior drafted the year after he left), Todd VanPoppel put into the pen and becoming effective, the Cubs making the playoffs once and flopping the rest of the time.  Hired Jim Riggleman then Don Baylor to run the team.

For a list of his transactions go to...

Not too popular with Cub fans at the end (2 last place finishes in a row after a playoff appearance will do that) he has been with the Cubs for a long time.  Probably a case of the Jays opening up the chequebook to get a quality scout, although I don't think I'd trust him on the first pick given the above history.  Any opinions or is this just reaching like mad for baseball content?