Who's going to manage his way into Cooperstown?

Saturday, March 13 2010 @ 06:45 PM EST

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

When we discuss "Hall Watch" candidates here on Batter's Box, we tend to (understandably) focus on the players of today's game who might someday have plaques hanging in Cooperstown.

But what about the skippers, the captains of the ship, the bench jockeys and leaders of those very same players? There are 17 managers currently in the Hall of Fame. Are any active skippers bound to join them there someday?

To my reading, there are currently only eight legitimate candidates to consider ...

... half of who I think are slam-dunk locks to make it in right now, while the other half will at least bear some consideration down the road. Let's start with the latter group.

Will get some support:

Slam dunks:

Those last four guys, we could do a full "Hall Watch" feature on each and leave plenty on the cutting room floor in telling the story (I almost wrote "making the case," but really, does the case need to be made?). The only one of those four who might have to wait through a debate is Leyland, and in my not-so-humble opinion, the native of tiny Perrysburg, Ohio should pretty much waltz into the Hall the first time his name appears on the ballot.

Of the first four listed, Scioscia could make a move into "lock" status, and Piniella will get enough support to perhaps make it in regardless of what comes next for him.

Do we really have six future Hall-of-Fame managers active right now? Has that ever happened before? Do you, Bauxites across the Web, disagree with any of these projections? Is anyone missing from the discussion?