Previews are coming, previews are coming!

Sunday, March 21 2010 @ 09:43 PM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

We've tried a variety of pre-season preview formats here on Batter's Box over the past few years, some with each team getting its own thread, some division-by-division, some all written by members of The Roster, others involving "guest" previews, some by invitation and other by volunteers.

This year? The answer is (Z) All of the Above.

Beginning later this week ...

... every team in our "home" division, the AL East, will get an in-depth preview by one or more members of the Batter's Box Roster. Those previews will, of course, be fodder for comments, debate and criticism from Bauxites Around the Baseball Universe.

We will also have a preview/open-ended discussion about each of the other five MLB divisions, inviting you Bauxites to take the lead, react, predict, etc. And yes, we will have at least one of our annual Prediction Threads (whether or not that becomes a "Prediction Contest" is yet TBD.) So here's the planned schedule so far; you Bauxites Around the Baseball Universe are invited to volunteer to join/assist/coup d'etat those discussion leaders and "thread owners," as we move ahead toward the Holiest of All Holidays, Opening Day.

To wit ...

Note #1: Fellow rosterites, sorry if I missed an e-mail from you volunteering for one of these spaces -- go ahead, log in and add your name to the schedule as you wish!

Note #2: These conversation-starter threads may vary wildly, ranging from short to in-depth -- for instance, I have not yet decided if on March 31 I will do an in-depth position-by-position look at the Boys from the Bronx, or if I will just post the equivalent of "So ... how 'bout them Yankees?" All the discussion leaders will make their own determinations about the depth of their previews; your threaded comments can be as detailed or off-the-cuff as you like, of course, too -- as always!

Anyone else who wants to sign up to help out -- there are no available "empty spots" per se -- bring it on! Contact the roster member(s) listed as owning that spot and let them know how you want to contribute.

Most importantly ... everyone ... EVERYONE ... be ready to contribute your thoughts, predictions and SWAGs to each thread as it is posted each day. Are you ready for some baseball?