BBFL Regular Season Ends

Friday, September 10 2010 @ 03:03 PM EDT

Contributed by: Gwyn

Congratulations to  Pohnpei Papayas, the Isodopes  and 92-93 winners respectively of the Regular Season in the BBFL's Alomar, Barfield and Carter divisions.

In the Alomar division the Papayas had a comfortable 12.5 game lead over The Uhnrulies, and both get to sit back this week with playoff byes.  The first round of the playoffs is being keenly fought as the Megalomaniacs take on Ghost Man On Third and W-A-M-C-O battle the Wedding Singers.  The leagues traditional powerhouses the Magic 9 and Toronto Walrus find themselves in the usual position of being in the consolation playoffs this year.  The battle to avoid relegation was a fierce one,  the K-Town Mashers and Horse Field Hammers survived by just half a game in the standings.  We will be bidding goodbye to longtime Alomar vets AGF,  Schroedingers Bat and the Chatsworth Halos who will be competing in Barfield for a quick return.

The Isosdopes also had a comfortable winning margin in the Barfield division, having 16 games in hand over second place Hannibals Cannibals.  Both these teams move up to Alomar next year. Round One of the playoffs has the Blocked Youngsters taking on the Burlington Mazters and the Whiskey Slammers playing Chicos Bail Bonds.  Relegated to the Carter division will be the Lubumbashi Posse, the MulReduxMonkeymen and The Shining Force.

92-93 led the way in the Carter Division and won by five games, they were followed by Thunderbirds, who will join them in Barfield next year.  The playoffs sees the dangercats taking on the Matt LaPorta Potties and Shoeless Schmoes matched up with Docinator all battling for the title and the third promotion spot.

Good luck to all involved in the playoffs.