Build your own "Bar" squad ...

Thursday, March 03 2011 @ 12:56 PM EST

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

Let's start a friendly, clean, conversational "Bar" fight -- literally.

What players whose last name begins with the alphabetic string "Bar-" would make up the best possible All-Bar (All-Star) baseball squad?

Well, of course, in right field you have the cannon-armed former Jay Jesse Barfield. His son Josh Barfield might make the roster as an extra -- though he might not. Who else? ...

Len Barker on the mound, along with Rex Barney and Jim Barr backing him up. There have actually been five MLB players with the surname Barr (missed it by the double-R!!) but Jim was the best -- won in double-digits six times in a 12-year career, and still holds the record for most consecutive batters retired, with 42.

Josh Bard could catch. Or maybe Rod Barajas

Al Barlick's in the Hall of Fame, but he was an umpire, and nobody likes a referee in a Bar fight!

Ross Barnes was a really fine 19th-century middle infielder who led the Naational Association in batting average three times --- all three seasons, hitting .429 or better.

Lots of Barretts have littered MLB rosters, but the pronunciation is all wrong unless you want to get into a "Bear Fight," and who wants that? Yet on that same pronunciation plank, we find a Hall of Fame maneger in Ed Barrow.

Dick Bartell was a shortstop in the very first All-Star Game (1933) which I guess moves Barnes over to 2B.

Jason Bartlett has made an All-Star team, too. Daric Barton has been more promise than power so far, but he's only 24.

So what have we got?

The All-Bar All-Stars
*actual All-Star **Hall of Famer

MGR Ed Barrow** (forgive the pronunciation!)

C Rod Barajas
1B Daric Barton
2B Ross Barnes
SS Dick Bartell*
3B Jason Bartlett*
RF Jesse Barfield*

Pitching Staff:
Barker, Barney and Barr as above. Who else?

We need some help in the outfield, at DH and on the mound. Any ideas, Bauxites?