Predict the Playing Time: Hot Corner 2011

Friday, March 11 2011 @ 11:03 PM EST

Contributed by: Matthew E

Like that, only like this.

Remember last year we tried to predict which pitchers would get how many starts? Let's do that again this year. Only this time, instead of doing starting pitchers, I say we do third basemen. Here's my ballot, and remember that the numbers have to add to 162, and we're predicting starts at third base, not games played at third base. Deadline for predictions is first pitch of Opening Day.

Jose Bautista 110
Edwin Encarnacion 38
John McDonald 2
Mike McCoy 10
Brett Lawrie 2
Aaron Hill 0
Brad Emaus 0
someone currently outside the organization 0

If you can think of any other names you want to guess, by all means pile 'em in there.