Off-site news: "Making a Yankee hit into a double"

Saturday, April 16 2011 @ 12:52 AM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

Interesting game in the Bronx tonight, as the hometowned pinstriped lads dropped another game to the defending AL champion Rangers. [Box Score]  You might recall the Rangers won that AL flag last year partly in New Yankee Stadium.

What was so interesting about the game? Was it Adrian Beltre starting to hit a little bit? Was it Mike Young passing Pudge Rodriguez for most doubles (353) in Rangers' franchise history? Was it Yankee rookie Lance Pendleton making a stunning nine-Rangers-up, nine-Rangers-down MLB debut? Was it the fact that six Ranger hiiters each faced at least 18 pitches, while only one Yankee saw as many as 16?

All those things were nice. But the headline in New York was the pitcher's (3-0 lefty Matty Harrison's) best friend, as ...

... the Bombers tied an American League record by bouncing into six double plays, four of which ended innings. The Yankees set a new franchise recrod by hitting into those six twin-killings, while the Rangers tied their own franchise record by inducing them.

So, AL record? Check. Yankee record? Check. Ranger record? Check. That's quite a triple play of double plays!