The Inaugural 2011 Batter's Box Beer Club

Wednesday, April 20 2011 @ 11:50 AM EDT

Contributed by: Dave Rutt

Tuesday: With apologies to my fellow roster members, I'm bumping this to the top as I feel like it got buried under the deluge of posts from yesterday. If you're interested in having a beer over a game next week during the Rangers series, I'd love your feedback! Will make an announcement soon.

The first Beer Club will be next week during the Rangers series (Mon-Wed). I figure weekdays are best for these things, though I'm not sure we should stick to a consistent day - it can be dictated by the team's schedule.

1. Are you interested? (just to get a handle on numbers)

2. Day preference for this particular week?

3. The big question is where we should hold it. Opera Bob's is a good option in that it's a very baseball-friendly bar that would definitely have the game and probably the sound on. It's non-ideal in that it's not on the subway line, but it's not too bad to get to from the subway line (it's at Dundas and Ossington, so take appropriate transit from either St. Patrick or Ossington station).

A bar near Union station would be ideal for many who commute on the Go train. Real Sports is a great sports bar, but will probably be focused on NBA/NHL playoffs for the next month (and it's also kinda pricey). Anyone know any other good options near Union?

John Northey suggested Yorkdale for those who commute by the 401. It's a good idea, but are there any bars at Yorkdale? Anyone know?

I guess another option would be somewhere more subway-central, like Yonge/Bloor or St. George. I don't know any baseball bars around there but a big enough group in a generic sports bar could probably convince the bar to flip to the game.

Anyway, what's your preference on location? Ideally we'll change this up each time we do this to give everyone a chance to get involved.

I'll make an announcement about the first beer club in a couple days once you guys give me your feedback!