25 May 2011: See No Evil

Wednesday, May 25 2011 @ 08:45 AM EDT

Contributed by: Alex Obal


Yankees 5, Jays 4. Tough loss. Didn't see much of it, as I was busy cringing at the sight of the Bulls' offense down the stretch. If you think the Jays' loss was ugly... Anyway, executive summary: Ricky Romero coasts through seven innings with a bit of assistance from the hit gods, and the Jays ride Juan Rivera's bat and some smallball hijinks to a 4-1 lead. Unfortunately CC Sabathia quietly retires the last 16 hitters he faces in a complete-game performance, Janssen, Rzepczynski and Francisco combine to allow four runs in the last two innings, and start spreading the news. The series is tied at one.

If the Jays had hung on and proceeded to sweep the series it would be really, really tempting to fly off into a Free Brett Lawrie post, what with the Jays' output thus far quite hamstrung by injury and the rest of the division off to a slow start. New York and Tampa and Boston won't always extend the Jays this courtesy. What I want, I want now (and it's a whole lot more than 'anyhow'), but if anyone wants to convince me that being pitched around by weak pitchers at altitude will help Lawrie 'develop' as a hitter more than being attacked by strong pitchers on planet Earth, feel free. I know nothing and am easily swayed.

Stathead interlude: Here's an article by Mitchel Lichtman on the Ultimate Base Running statistic.

Today, it's the rubber match, as Jo-Jo Reyes looks to end The Streak and finally get the damn Pitcher Win. Don't look now, but Reyes' peripheral stats are impressive. 16.8% K, 5.9% BB, 35.8% GB but 15.5% of his flyballs stay in the infield. Given his recent success throwing fastballs by hitters I'm hoping the Yankees will roll out a nice, punchless Sunday lineup today before they head to Seattle for the weekend, but they have an off day Thursday, so I'm not holding my breath. The Chief, Freddy Garcia, takes the hill for the Yankees. Jose Bautista is 4-6 with two homers and three walks against him. Anyone want to bet on another longball today? Yankees -170, first pitch 1:05.