2011 Draft - Time To Get Serious

Tuesday, May 31 2011 @ 10:28 AM EDT

Contributed by: Gerry

We are down to less than a week before the draft, it starts next Monday evening to be precise.  Mock drafts are breaking out all over and prognostications (guesses) are a dime a dozen.

Keith Law has his latest mock draft up for insiders.  Law has the Jays taking Jed Bradley, a left handed pitcher from Georgia Tech.  Law assumes the Jays will follow last years plan, pick a college pitcher first then pick high school and hard to sign guys thereafter.

In Law's mock draft he forecasts that the following potential Blue Jay faves will be gone: Mikie Mahtook; CJ Cron; Javier Baez; Jose Fernandez and Kolten Wong.

Taylor Guerrieri and Josh Bell would be passed over by the Jays.  Bell reportedly has reaffirmed his intention to go to college, believe it or not.


John Sickels has his mock draft up.  Sickels has Law's pick for the Jays, Bradley, going at pick 5 to KC.  Sickels projects the Jays will take Corey Spangenberg, a 2B/3B from a junior college.


Baseball America had their latest up last Friday and they have the Jays taking left handed pitcher Daniel Norris, a high schooler.  What would JP say about that?

BA has the Jays not taking available players Jose Fernandez, CJ Cron or Kolten Wong.


I am sure there are a lot of other mock drafts out there.  Personally I put most of my trust in BA, closely followed by Law.  So who knows?  I certainly don't.  Do you?