Who is on pace for Blue Jay records?

Monday, July 11 2011 @ 02:05 PM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

Now that we are at the '1/2 way point' (actually a bit past) I got to wondering if anyone is on pace for new records for a Blue Jay.

Checking good ol' Baseball Reference we can see what the records are. 100 games at a position (counting full outfield as one for this) for position records.

For SS - WAR record is 5.5 (Scutaro 2009). Escobar is at 2.9 thus on pace for a 5.1 season (2nd best ever, past Fernandez best year 1987 5.0).
For OF - WAR record is 7.3 (Barfield 1986). Bautista is ALREADY at 6.6 - #2 is 6.7 (Wells '06) on pace for 11.6.
For team - WAR record is 8.2 offense (Olerud 1993), 10.3 overall (Clemens 1997). As above, Bautista is on pace to shatter it. Yeah, that was a good signing.

Continuing on the Bautista watch... for OPS+ we see his 217 as well above Olerud's 186. His 14 intentional walks so far are on pace for the 2nd most ever (on pace for 25) but no shot at the record of 33 by Olerud in 1993 (hitting in the high 300's plus no speed = lots of walks). For pure walks Bautista could break Delgado's 2003 record of 123 as he is on pace for 130. For total bases he is at a 370 pace which is in eyeshot of Delgado's 378 in 2000. His 129 run scored pace is in eyeshot of Shawn Green's 134 in 1999 as well. Slg% of 702 is well above Delgado's 664 in 2000, and his OPS is at 1.170, well above Delgado's 2000 figure of 1.134 while his OBP of 468 is in eyeshot of Olerud's 473 in 1993.

For the non-Bautista category you start to wonder about Davis and his 24 steals as this has been a slow team for awhile but Collins'1984 record of 60 is very safe and he'll need to get 39 to reach to the top 10 (Moseby, Damaso Garcia, Otis Nixon, Alomar and Shannon Stewart are all over that list). Davis' 6 triples are also impressive, pace for 11, but no shot at Tony Fernandez' record of 17 (1990).

So, are there any other Jay records (weird or not) that we could see broken this year (single season, not career)?