And We Are Back (without Trevor Miller)

Tuesday, August 16 2011 @ 12:46 PM EDT

Contributed by: Gerry

Sorry about the interruption.  We are running a customized, and old, version of geeklog software that does not appreciate a lot of volume.

The draft deadline is complete and in the next day or two the jury will render its opinion on the Jays draft, now that we know who is signing and who isn't.  The riskiest move of the day was Tyler Beede turning down $2.5m to go to college.  I hope it works out for the kid but unfortunately for him a lot has to go right to make it worthwhile financially.

Here are draft bonus's paid to picks 11 through 20, Beede was 21.  $2.5m; $2.5m; $2.1m; $2.0m; $2.0m; $1.6m; $1.5m; $1.5m; $1.5m; and $1.4m.  Had Beede signed for the $2.5m offered by the Jays he would have received top ten pick money.  But he was never a top ten talent.  You could say that Beede miscalculated but if wanted to go to colleg he didn't, he is going.  The Jays assumed that Beede would be like all the other first rounders and take the money when it was on the table.  It is hard to be too critical of the Jays, they drafted an outlier.

From the Jays standpoint they did sign two out of three of the Beede, Norris and Comer triumvirate and they also signed a lot of other picks with "potential".  Many of the Jays picks later in the draft, guys like Lopez, Biggs and Dean, were highly rated coming into the season but dropped through the draft.  Were the Jays foolish to buy 2010 stars or smart to see the underlying skill?  I hope the Jays army of scouts saw the skill that other teams missed on.

The big boys lost a tough game last night.  Henderson Alvarez was not sharp, he couldn't really control his off speed pitches and his fastball was up a lot.  Michael Pineda wasn't much better.  But in the end the bullpen blew another lead, the only bright part of that is it improves the Jays chances of drafting higher next year.  The Jays are locked in to the 22nd pick to compensate for Beede and it appears as though the Jays will pick around 20th with their regular pick.

Brad Mills has a chance at redemption tonight.  His first three starts have been good, average and bad.  Tonight he needs to get back on the good track.


Breaking news at 3pm.  The Jays have designated Trevor Miller for assignment.  Jon Rauch heads to the DL with appendicitis.  Will Ledezma and Rommie Lewis are on the way.  I don't know why Danny Farquhar didn't get a look see.