Playoff Prediction Party

Friday, September 30 2011 @ 11:16 AM EDT

Contributed by: Anders

Once again, we delve into the playoff milieu with a prediction contest. Fame! Glory! Fabulous Prizes!* All await should you correctly predict who will win a series of series!

*Warning: prize is not fabulous.

In 2010 Bauxites had a down year, with only two of fifteen entrants correctly predicting the World Series would be won by the Giants. Thomas and John Northey were the Nostradami, with Mick Doherty and Gerry finishing in the bronze and whatever comes after bronze positions. So it seems like Bauxites have a lot to do to catch up with the rosterites. Will this be the year the inmates overtake the asylum? Maybe, I don't know.

Anyway, the way this works is, predict a winner for each series, and the number of games it will take them to win. 1 point for getting the LDS right, 2 for the LCS, and 3 for the Series. Plus a bonus point for guessing the correct number of games played in each series.

Tampa Bay vs. Texas
Detroit vs. New York

Arizona vs. Milwaukee
St. Louis vs. Philadelphia

I'll get us rolling.

Texas over Tampa in 5
New York over Detroit in 4

Miwaukee over Arizona in 3
Philadelphia over St. Louis in 4

Texas over New York in 6
Philly over Milwaukee in 5

Philly over Texas in 6.

Tiebreaker one:
The World Series MVP will be a ___________ (name a position.) I'll say pitcher.
Tiebreaker two: The two teams in the World Series will combine for ____ HR. I'll say 14 (it was 11 in 5 games last year, FWIW/)

Ok gang, have at it. We'll close entries at 7 pm (halfway through the first game) but please don't try to game the system. We wouldn't want to have to take away your fabulous no-prize.