Who's the #2 Redbird?

Thursday, October 20 2011 @ 04:45 PM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

I have an odd theory about why the Texas Rangers, despite their current 0-1 hole, at least seem like a better baseball team than the St. Louis Cardinals.

... is the second-best (position) player on each team?

For the Rangers, you can make an argument for Nelson Cruz or even Elvis Andrus, and in a bar fight, Mike Nappli. But it's probably, bottom-line, Iam Kinsler, and he'd be the best player in several MLB lineups.

Now, the Cardinals' second-best player is ... Lance Berkman? Matt Holliday? David Freese? Rafael Furcal? Yadier Molina? My rapid-fire reaction to each is: too old, too brittle, too young, (wait ... he's 28?) and in the last two cases uh, no.

This is not to downplay what is an excellent Cardinal lineup, anchored by the B'est of BSBs in baseball. But there's just nobody shining forth as filling the "And co-starring ..." role like there is in Texas. The difference, to me, seems to be that for the Rangers, you have to choose the guy from among several viable options, while for St. Louis, you're reaching from the outset.

What say, noble Bauxites? What Cardinal is Phat Albert's second-billed supporting actor?