Bautista is ... not the AL MVP

Monday, November 21 2011 @ 02:15 PM EST

Contributed by: John Northey

Via he came in 3rd. Verlander got it, named on 27 of 28 ballots vs Bautista being on all 28.

Jacoby Ellsbury came in 2nd for MVP with 4 first place votes. Bautista had 5 first votes, 7 2nds, 4 each for 3/4/5th place, 1 each for 6th through 9th place. I'd love to see the ballot of the writer who put Bautista 9th.

Bautista was 4th last year, so I guess we can pencil him in for a 2nd place finish in 2012 right? :) Delgado in 2003 was the last time a Jay finished as high as 3rd in MVP voting (2nd place behind A-Rod). The last time a Jay came in 3rd was 1993 when John Olerud came in 3rd behind Molitor (a Jay) and winner Frank Thomas. Joe Carter in 1992 was also 3rd. Gruber in 1990 was 4th (!), as was George Bell in 1989. Bell won in 1987 and was also 4th in 1986. And that is it for top 4 finishes for Blue Jays.

Other notables: no other Jays made the ballot. Michael Young though was the only guy to get at least one vote for each slot (1st through 10th). Curtis Granderson and Miguel Cabrera are the others to get 1st place votes. The one vote wonders are Josh Hamilton and David Robertson. Interesting that CC Sabathia got exactly 2 votes, both for 6th place.

Most named team: Yankees 5 times, then Tigers & Rangers with 4 each. Boston & the Rays had 3 apiece while the White Sox, Cleveland, Royals and Jays had 1 player each.
By division you get 12 for the AL East, 8 for the AL Central, and the 4 Rangers for the West.
First place teams: 13 players, 2nd place: 4, 3rd place: 4, 4th place: 2, 5th place: 0 players