Boxcast Episode 2: The Reboxening

Monday, February 06 2012 @ 01:54 PM EST

Contributed by: Dave Rutt

In which three Box scribes discuss the bullpen, the AL Central, and the State of the Franchise. Listen here. (Note: iTunes subscribability in process!)

Anders, Thomas and I got together for the second installment of Batter's Box's new podcast and talked about the three topics mentioned above. This one's a little leaner at about 49 minutes as us amateur podcasters have started learning to avoid the dangers of rambling.

Follow the link above to listen. You can also download it by clicking on the arrow on the far right of the embedded Quicktime player and selecting "Save as Quicktime movie", or by right-clicking on the embedded player and selecting "Save Video As..." Post in the comments if there are any technical difficulties and I'll try to figure it out.

Part 1 is bullpen talk. Skip to 17:30 for AL Central, and to 33:00 for the State of the Franchise.

On a technical note, the podcast has been submitted to iTunes and is under review, so you should be able to subscribe to have episodes delivered automatically shortly. Meanwhile, the promised original Boxcast theme music will have to be put on hold as figuring out the iTunes stuff took priority this time. So, once again, apologies to certain famous recording artists for the blatant copyright infringement. However, there's a (very loose) theme to the song choices (and there was last time too.) A cuttlefish to the first Bauxite to identify it!

As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated. Last time Ron suggested a reader mail segment and we are definitely planning on doing that in the future - once we get a few episodes in and a little more comfortable with the whole "talking about baseball in front of a microphone" thing. Thanks for the suggestion, Ron!

Thanks for listening, and enjoy!