How 'bout those Back-to-Back Titles?

Tuesday, February 28 2012 @ 02:54 PM EST

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

You know, those 1992-93 Blue Jays were pretty good -- and rarer than I first thought or expected.

Not sure what made me think to do this, but if I've counted right, there have only been 13 occasions when a franchise won (at least) two consecutive World Series championships and only seven franchises overall have accomplished the feat. The Yankees have done it four times to lead the way (of course) while the A's (in two different cities) have pulled off the feat three times.

Ten of the 13 times it's happened, it's been done by an American League team. Shout-out to the Tinker-Evers-Chance Cubs, the Frankie Frisch Giants and the Bench-Morgan-Rose* Big Red Machine.

Eight of the 13 times it's happened occurred before the advent of divisional play, which makes sense -- more rounds and more teams in the playoffs, it's harder to repeat. To further that point, it's only happeend once since the addition of the divisional series in 1995.

Of the teams to win MORE than two in a row, it's been the Yankees (1936-39), the Yankees (1949-53), the Yankees (1998-2000) and, hey how about that?, the A's (1972-74).

Only three teams on this list did NOTplay on a coast -- and two of them, the Giants and A's, played on both coasts! The landlubbers are the Cubs, Reds and your own Blue Jays.

So, is there anything else worth noting about this list of ....

MLB Franchises to win (at least)
Two consecutive World Series Championships