Playing Time Predicted: the Hot Corner 2011

Tuesday, March 06 2012 @ 11:08 PM EST

Contributed by: Matthew E

What? I'm not late. Your face is late.

If you'll recall, we had a contest last year to see who could best predict how the Jays would allocate playing time at third base. The contest was, list everyone who would get a start at third in the 2011 season, with how many starts at third they would get. You get a point for each game you allocated to the right player, with a possible maximum of 162 points.

Here's how the playing time actually broke down:

Brett Lawrie, 43 GS
Edwin Encarnacion, 30 GS
Jose Bautista, 25 GS
John McDonald, 15 GS
Mike McCoy, 5 GS
not-in-the-organization-at-the-time-of-the-contest, 44 GS (Jayson Nix 40 GS, Mark Teahen 3 GS, Chris Woodward 1 GS)

And here's how we all did.

DJR - 98 pts
Magpie - 96 pts
christaylor - 96 pts
Dave B - 96 pts
CeeBee - 91 pts
Jonny German - 82 pts
Wayne H - 81 pts
Super Bluto - 80 pts
DiscoDave - 79 pts
bpoz - 77 pts
Brian - 77 pts
Ron - 73 pts
Matthew E - 64 pts
uglyone - 63 pts
electric carrot - 63 pts
Subversive - 52 pts
Thomas - 45 pts
Oxygen8 - 43 pts
Mike Green - 39 pts

DJR's winning entry had these guesses:

Lawrie 81 GS
Encarnacion 26 GS
Bautista 51 GS
McDonald 4 GS

Really none of us did that great. Jayson Nix threw us all off, and people tended to way overestimate or underestimate how much Lawrie would be playing.

We also did one of these for starting pitchers; I'll try to tally that one up before spring training ends.

Congratulations, DJR!