Snider and Thames ought to make the team

Tuesday, March 20 2012 @ 08:38 PM EDT

Contributed by: robertdudek

But they most likely won't.

A few day ago at Fangraphs, Paul Swydan made a convincing case why they should both stay over Ben Francisco. I'm going to add my support here.

I would waive Francisco or possibly McCoy, keep Vizquel and Davis. That would make 14 position players making the club.

At this point in his career Snider has proven himself at AAA. He's still young enough to develop into a star and sending him down would pretty much signal that the Jays have given up on him.

By contrast, Thames could productively be sent down to AAA - but why not go with the best talent right out the gate? After all, the Jays claim they are serious about contending. Thames can find enough playing time, spelling Snider and Batista and DH-ing while Edwin gets a day off against the odd right-hander.

In effect, Thames would become the 4th outfielder, while Rajai is deployed strategically for his base-running skills.There's no room for Francisco, and McCoy is expendable because of Vizquel.

Of course I fully expect the Jays to do the complete opposite: keep Francisco and McCoy, cut Vizquel and send down either Snider or Thames and go with 12 pitchers.

LInk to Fangraphs piece