Birds of a Feather

Monday, April 02 2012 @ 11:04 AM EDT

Contributed by: Matthew E

This one'll test your memory.

Your challenge today is to think up all the surnames that have been shared by three or more Toronto Blue Jays players. I figured there wouldn't be all that many, but it turns out that there have been 17 such names.

All 17 names are reasonably common; the Jays haven't had three guys each named Freisleben or van Ryn or Nakamura. But I'll tell you right now that they also haven't had three guys each named Smith, Jones, or Brown.

And, in case you were wondering, spelling counts. This means that "Gonzalez: Alex, Alex, Rene" is not an answer, because Rene spells his last name "Gonzales". You will find that this makes a difference.

It'd be pretty easy for you to look this up and pretend that you had a really good memory. But I'm sure we're all comfortable within the confines of the honour system.

No reason why you have to have all three (or more!) guys thought of before you post a name. Maybe someone else can help fill in the gaps. But it won't count as a complete answer until at least three players have been named for that surname.

I warn you that for many of these names, the third Blue Jay of that name is some walk-on from the early early days of the franchise. So this quiz is not for the faint of heart.

Go nuts.