Dream Weaver?

Thursday, May 03 2012 @ 02:07 AM EDT

Contributed by: Mick Doherty

C'mon, I expected that terrible '80s hair band headline pun when I clicked through to ESPN, and it was in fact the lead story with that very headline on ESPN.com's home page ... the story, which usually does not have the same headline as the lead feature image, indeed does not, choosing the more pedestrian Angels' Jered Weaver tosses second no-hitter of season.

And you know, that headline made me think, is the kid Weaver, as brilliant as he is, tired yet of being the second guy to do something? (I mean, quick, Box No-Prize to whoever first names, without looking it up, the second man on the moon after Neil Armstrong.)  To wit:

Jered is the second Weaver to be a big-league pitcher, after his brother Jeff Weaver's 104-win supersonic flameout . If he has another 15 wins left in his 2012 holster, Jered will become the, yes, second in his own family to that celebrated milestone.

We will defer the obvious "Twin killing" puns here ... congratulations, Jered. We here on Da Box tip our caps to you and those few of us on Da Box here in Texas nod appreciatively in the comfortable knowledge that this may well be the Angels' highlight of the season!

But wait ... did  the aforementioned Jeff ever throw a MLB no-hitter? Why no, he did not. So, oh brother, there's the "first" we've been loking for. Jered's no-hitter is the first in his family!