Lind Demoted

Thursday, May 17 2012 @ 01:54 PM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

Big news in Jay land - Adam Lind has been sent down to AAA

Normally a guy hitting as poorly as he has wouldn't make news this way, but given the managers addiction to batting Lind 4th it is big news.

Called up is Yan Gomes - the first player from Brazil to reach the major leagues. He was hitting 359/391/565 for a 956 OPS in Vegas. In his age 24 season he has been climbing the ladder quickly - rookie & low A his first season, A/A+ second season, AA/AAA his third and now AAA/Majors his 4th. Lifetime in the minors he has hit 284/338/471 - 809. He has been a catcher all his career before playing 20 games at 1B last year and splitting time between 1B/3B/CA this year (9/10/12 games respectively).