Home Run Derby!

Monday, July 09 2012 @ 01:09 PM EDT

Contributed by: Anders

The Home Run Derby is tonight, which means at least 60 minutes of being subjected to Chris Berman saying back back back. Robinson Cano and Adrian Gonzalez whooped everyone last year, with Cano taking the crown by a single dinger (bonus points if you remembered that).

Who will win this year? Let's have at it.

Andrew McCutchen   - Odds: 9.5/1 / Previous Best: N/A / MLB Rank: t-15th
Carlos Beltran          -  Odds: 7.5/1 / PB: N/A / MLB Rank: t-9th
Carlos Gonzalez       -  Odds: 7.5/1 / PB: N/A / MLB Rank: t-18th
Matt Kemp               -  Odds: 6.7/1 / PB: 2 (8th) / MLB Rank: t-really far back
NL: 3/2

Jose Bautista     -   Odds: 3.9/1 / PB: 4 (6th) / MLB Rank: t-1st
Mark Trumbo      -  Odds: 5.3/1 / 1 PB: N/A / MLB Rank: t-7th
Prince Fielder     -  Odds: 5.5/1 / PB: 23 (1st) / MLB Rank: t-26th
Robinson Cano    -  Odds: 4.5/1 / PB: 32 (1st) / MLB Rank: t-9th
AL: 5/9

Odds from: Pinnaclesports.com (you're going to have to take my word that these are the most accurate - stuff like this is a joke).

Kauffman stadium is symmetrical, so the handedness of the batters shouldn't come into play.  It's hard not to see the American League as the favourites - they are more experienced, and have the more prolific home run hitters. So, predictions - who wins it?

I'll go out on not really a limb here and predict that Mark Trumbo takes this year's title.