Blue Jays Report Card: Eighth Preliminary

Monday, September 17 2012 @ 02:11 PM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

The end is near. It's part two of the Replacements. This installment covers the starting pitchers who were called into service after the season was underway.

And they were:

Drew Hutchison
Aaron Laffey
Brett Cecil
J.A. Happ

As always, I grade on the following curve:

A - Outstanding (You could be an MVP, and ought to be an All-Star)
B - Good (You too could be an All-Star)
C - Average (You're getting by, there are probably bigger problems)
D - Below Average (You passed. Big deal.)

E - Fail. (You don't belong at this level. Not at this moment anyway - not yet or not anymore)
F - Epic Fail (You need to look for a new line of work.)