Blue Jays Release 2013 Schedule

Wednesday, September 12 2012 @ 05:42 PM EDT

Contributed by: #2JBrumfield

The Toronto Blue Jays 2013 schedule is out.  They will play the Cleveland Indians for the second straight year in their season opener but this game will serve as the Jays home opener as well.

The Blue Jays will host the Cleveland Indians at the Dome in the first of a three-game series Tuesday, April 2.

The interleague schedule has the Jays at home to San Francisco May 14-15, Atlanta May 27-28, Colorado June 17-19 and Los Angeles July 22-24.  The Jays will also play the Giants (June 4-5) and the Braves (May 29-30) again on the road as well as the San Diego Padres on May 31-June 2.  I cannot believe the knuckleheads who put the schedule together have once again opted to have the Jays face San Diego on the road instead of at the Dome.  The Friars remain the only team not to play in Toronto and quite frankly, it pisses me off!

As far as Canada Day goes, the Detroit Tigers will visit the Dome July 1-4 (Monday to Thursday) and the Jays will be in town on Victoria Day against Tampa Bay May 20.  The Houston Astros will make its American League debut in Toronto July 25-28. 

For folks in B.C., the Jays will visit the Seattle Mariners August 5-7 - a series that begins on the Civic Holiday Monday.  The Jays will end the 2013 season at home on the weekend of September 27-29 when they clinch the American League East against Tampa Bay. ;D

Game times are the usual 7:07 p.m. for weeknight games and 1:07 p.m. for weekend games.  The only 12:37 p.m. game is Monday, August 12 when Oakland is in town.  It looks likee the club has done away with the weekday matinee games for school kids.

What are your thoughts on the 2013 schedule?  The floor is yours.