Value for the Dollar in 2012

Tuesday, October 16 2012 @ 12:00 PM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

Well, that was a tough year. A big question now is who was worth the money and who wasn't.

Rather than do this by 'player A sucks, he wasn't worth it' I'll go by a comparison of salary to FanGraphs value. Not perfect, but at least it is objective and gives an idea, although it sure jumps a few guys due to their defense. In order of most valuable to least. Numbers in (brackets) indicate a negative value (ie: it should be easy to find someone else to do a better job).

PlayerPaidValue ProvidedSpread
Edwin Encarnacion$3.50$19.90$16.40
Jose Bautista$14.00$14.50$0.50
Brett Lawrie$0.48$13.90$13.42
Yunel Escobar$5.00$8.80$3.80
Colby Rasmus$2.70$6.00$3.30
J.P. Arencibia$0.49$5.30$4.81
Jeff Mathis$1.50$4.00$2.50
Kelly Johnson$6.38$3.10($3.28)
Rajai Davis$2.75$3.00$0.25
Anthony Gose$0.48$2.20$1.72
Adam Lind$5.00$0.70($4.30)
Adeiny Hechavarria$1.75$0.50($1.25)
David Cooper$0.48($0.10)($0.58)
Yan Gomes$0.48($0.20)($0.68)
Moises Sierra$0.48($1.70)($2.18)
Eric Thames$0.48($2.50)($2.98)
Omar Vizquel$0.75($2.90)($3.65)
PitchersPaidValue ProvidedSpread
Brandon Morrow$4.00$10.90$6.90
Casey Janssen$2.00$5.30$3.30
J.A. Happ$2.35$5.00$2.65
Darren Oliver$4.00$4.80$0.80
Aaron Loup$0.48$4.10$3.62
Steve Delabar$0.48$2.80$2.32
Carlos Villanueva$2.28$2.70$0.42
Drew Hutchison$0.50$2.60$2.10
Ricky Romero$5.00$2.30($2.70)
Henderson Alvarez$0.48$2.10$1.62
Luis Perez$0.49$1.90$1.41
Brandon Lyon$5.50$1.90($3.60)
Jason Frasor$3.50$0.90($2.60)
Brett Cecil$0.50$0.60$0.10
Chad Beck$0.50($0.10)($0.60)
Chad Jenkins$0.50($0.50)($1.00)
Brad Lincoln$0.50($0.60)($1.10)
Kyle Drabek$0.49($0.70)($1.19)
Sergio Santos$1.00($0.80)($1.80)
Jesse Chavez$0.50($1.00)($1.50)
Andrew Carpenter$0.50($1.20)($1.70)
Aaron Laffey$0.80($1.20)($2.00)
Evan Crawford$0.50($1.30)($1.80)
Francisco Cordero$4.50($2.00)($6.50)
Joel Carreno$0.48($2.30)($2.78)

An * indicates only a partial year here, salary is for full season but value is just as a Blue Jay.

Interesting to see 4 guys worth $10 mil plus, especially considering time lost for Bautista & Morrow and how Lawrie has a ton of the value via defense. Other surprises were Escobar at just shy of $9 mil (defense again), Mathis at $4 mil (maybe it is a good contract), Gose at $2.2 mil (wow, his defense is that good?), Cooper being negative value, and Casey Janssen being the 2nd most valuable pitcher - never good for a reliever to be worth that much. JA Happ being at $5 mil was a shocker that I had to check a few times.

Clearly Lind/Cooper is not a valuable combo with a net worth of $600k. Davis at $3 mil for 2013 looks dead on, and if Gose is really worth that much in his limited time here then give the kid a spot everyday in 2013.

So, lets see some Jays discussion about who is worth keeping and not.