Division Series Thread

Saturday, October 06 2012 @ 12:46 PM EDT

Contributed by: Gerry

With two wild card games in the book it's now division series time. There are two games on Saturday, four on Sunday and two on Monday to accompany your turkey eating.

The first wild card game was wild, in particular the Braves players after the game.

"Bleepety-bleep," screamed one Brave, as Torre was explaining why he'd denied the Braves' protest. "Ohhhhh bleep, Joe," grumbled another, after listening to Torre say that it sure looked like an infield fly to him. "I'm outta here. That's weak," muttered another Brave, after Holbrook said he'd seen the replay and concluded it was "absolutely" the right call.

The infield/outfield fly rule call is one that could have gone either way. The Braves upset, and their fans upset, was likely due in part to their poor play. Three errors led to runs for the Cardinals. The Braves are done and the Cardinals can still repeat.

The call on the fly ball was magnified by the one and out nature of the game. It was the equivalent of a game seven. If this had been a game one the reaction post-game might have been more muted, as in we just have to get them tomorrow.

Meanwhile the Orioles improbable season continues. Joe bleeping Saunders kept the Rangers at bay into the sixth inning but the Rangers did look like a shadow of their former selves. Did Josh Hamilton cost himself some money over the last week?

Today, can the A's continue their run, just like the Orioles did? They face Justin Verlander today and throw Jarrod Parker, a rookie, against the Tigers.

In the late game Matt Cain faces Johnny Cueto.

Remember, streaks often die in the playoffs. Kris Medlen has been unbeatable....gone. The Orioles don't blow saves... well they almost did last night. Don't be surprised if they blow one before the playoffs are done.