Manager Idol 2012

Tuesday, October 23 2012 @ 09:56 AM EDT

Contributed by: Gerry

The Jays are starting their second manager search in two years.  Media stories suggest the Jays are not out front of this yet.  Reportedly Sandy Alomar or Brad Ausmus had not been contacted by the Jays as of yesterday.  I would have thought that the Jays had seen the writing on the John Farrell wall at least a week ago and would have a list of interview candidates ready to go yesterday.  There are not a lot of manager openings at this time so the Jays can still have a lot of guys to pick from, even if they take their time.  However AA told all the coaches that they were free to seek work elsewhere.  While some might be OK with seeing Boston pick up John Farrell, they might be less happy if he picks over the best of the Blue Jay coaches.

There have been numerous names mentioned as possible managerial candidates, mostly by the media and fans.  We should have an idea of who the team is talking to soon.  One story yesterday suggested the Jays would talk to Manny Acta and Jim Tracy.  Why Tracy, was he not a disaster in Colorado?

Let the speculation begin.