Award Season

Monday, November 12 2012 @ 10:39 PM EST

Contributed by: Gerry

The semi-official award season kicked off Monday with the naming of the two rookies of the year. The timing of the award announcements has changed this season. Previously awards were announced over a two week period at 2pm. This year the Baseball Writers Association has linked with the MLB Network to have an award show at 6pm. The award winners for both leagues are announced on the same day.

On Monday the rookies of the year were announced. On Tuesday it will be the managers, Wednesday the CY Young's and Thursday the MVP's.

Mike Trout was the unanimous winner of the AL Award. Bryce Harper won a close contest in the NL, edging out Wade Miley of the Reds. Both winners were expected.

This year the BBWAA is releasing the ballot for every voter. We can see that while Harper was named on all 32 ballots, Miley was named on 31. A Bill Center from San Diego left him off. Todd Frazier, who came third, received three first place votes including one from a Cincinnati writer.

The Managers of the year tomorrow could be Davey Johnson and Buck Showalter. Bob Melvin would also be a reasonable choice in the AL.