To Dickey Or Not To Dickey, That Is The Question?

Saturday, December 15 2012 @ 09:02 AM EST

Contributed by: Gerry

Well it certainaly seems that this Dickey thing has legs. Usually when you hear that the Jays are in on a deal it doesn't happen but there are leaks on this like a rusty tea pot. What a coincidence that JP Ricciardi is in New York now. Could it be that JP is saying I'll see you your cone of silence and raise you a wall of coverage? Or it could be that the Mets are trying to persuade other teams to get into the negotiations.

The news this morning suggests the outline of a deal is in place and that each team is reviewing medicals. If that is true an announcement could come today sometime.

The Mets and Blue Jays have talked about Dickey for a while now but it appears that it was only when the Jays agreed to include Travis d'Arnaud that the Jays jumped to the front of the line. There are rumours of lots of other players being in this deal but, as far as I can tell, most of it is speculation. The combination that seems to have the most solid reporting behind it suggests d'Arnaud and Gose will go to New York with Dickey and someone else coming back, with maybe other players in the deal.

A trade like this would be a big win now move by AA. The expectations of this team would be high, playoffs or bust. Many teams do believe that when you have a chance to go for it you do. Better a couple of years in the playoffs followed by a drought than five years of 500 ball.

D'Arnaud and Gose are both top 100 prospect level players but each has questions. Gose has had problems making contact, although his speed and defense are excellent. D'Arnaud has had problems staying healthy but when he has played he has performed well.

It could be interesting days in Buffalo who just opted to switch their AAA affiliation from the Mets to the Jays. D'Arnaud and Gose were due to play in Buffalo but likely won't, but could have if Buffalo had stayed with the Mets.

Also, now that it seems like Dickey is headed out of New York, the NY Post leads the attack on him:

And, in an underappreciated part of this saga that soared into visibility this week, Dickey can be a handful. He clearly has enjoyed his rise from the ashes into a Flushing folk hero, and while he deserves praise and riches, thereís also the matter of him having to coexist peacefully in a workplace. His gift for self-promotion and his love of attention donít endear himself to most teammates. Instead, his durability and outstanding results led him to be appreciated but far from beloved.

If you trace back the sources of the Jays prospects this has an almost Roy Halladay for RA Dickey aspect to it.

Stay tuned for more news...