Payroll By Position

Friday, January 18 2013 @ 11:48 PM EST

Contributed by: John Northey

Now that everyone who qualifies for arbitration has been signed we have a solid idea of 2012's payroll.  Who is getting what and what positions are the pricey ones?

Catcher $2.60
CA $0.60 J.P. Arencibia
CA $0.75 Henry Blanco
CA $1.25 Josh Thole (in AAA maybe)
Infield $24.20
1B $8.00 Edwin Encarnacion
2B $3.00 Maicer Izturis
3B $0.60 Brett Lawrie
SS $10.00 Jose Reyes
IF/OF $2.60 Emilio Bonifacio
Outfield $29.18
LF $8.00 Melky Cabrera
CF $4.68 Colby Rasmus
RF $14.00 Jose Bautista
OF $2.50 Rajai Davis
DH $5.00
DH $5.00 Adam Lind

Hitters $60.98

Starters $49.20
#1 $5.25 R.A. Dickey (edit: was listed at $5 mil)
#2 $13.75 Josh Johnson
#3 $11.00 Mark Buehrle
#4 $8.00 Brandon Morrow
#5 $7.50 Ricky Romero
#6 $3.70 J.A. Happ (in AAA maybe)
Brad Lincoln (in AAA)
Relievers $12.65
Closer $2.75 Sergio Santos
RH Setup $3.90 Casey Janssen
LH Setup $3.00 Darren Oliver
Middle $0.60 Esmil Rogers
Middle $0.60 Steve Delabar
Middle $0.60 Aaron Loup
Long $0.60 Brett Cecil
Spare $3.00
Starter $1.50 Dustin McGowan
Injured $0.50 Kyle Drabek
Injured $0.50 Luis Perez
Injured $0.50 Drew Hutchison

Pitchers $64.85

Net $125.83

So from that we can see the Jays have ended up with a fairly even split between hitters and pitchers for raw dollars this year.  There is still one hitter needed, and some might not count the 4 injured (OK, 3 hurt 1 likely to be) pitchers but the costs are there regardless.  A bit of a surprise when I saw just how tight the dollars were between the two groups.  Each group has one guy likely to be making over $1 mil in AAA.  There are more relievers I could've listed in the Delabar/Loup/Cecil group but whoever is in those slots will make about the same (close to ML minimum).

All salary figures are from Cot's Contracts while links are going to Baseball Reference.