How Many Bombs?

Friday, March 29 2013 @ 01:00 PM EDT

Contributed by: Dave Rutt

Two years ago, Mick ran a home run prediction contest. By popular request (one request), it's back!

Predict the homers for the following players. Scoring system: Actual homers hit - absolute difference between prediction and actual result. For example, if José hits 42 homers and you guess 27, you get 42 - (42 - 27) = 27 (whoa) points. Or, if you over-guess and say 53, you get 42 - (53 - 42) = 31 points. A 10% bonus is added for bang-on guesses, so if you correctly guess 42 bombs, you get 1.1 * 42 = 46.2 points. (Thanks to Jonny German for the scoring system suggestion - I like it and didn't change it one bit.)

Note: this is for homers hit as a Blue Jay.

There is one wild card spot. Pick any player you like - pitcher, AAA masher, potential trade target - and call their home runs. For the wild card spot you cannot accumulate negative points, so if you want to call a Justin Morneau mid-season acquisition and call him to drop 20 bombs, and that doesn't happen, you won't get -20 points, you'll just get 0.

I included every position player on the opening day roster, Brett Lawrie, and Anthony Gose. If you feel strongly that someone else should be on here go ahead and make your case, I could definitely be forgetting someone important.

Here's the list of players, in no particular order:

Melky Cabrera:
Colby Rasmus:
José Bautista:
Brett Lawrie:
José Reyes:
Emilio Bonifacio:
Adam Lind:
Maicier Izturis:
J.P. Arencibia:
Rajai Davis:
Mark DeRosa:
Anthony Gose:
Henry Blanco:
Edwin Encarnación:


Good luck!