Where Are They Now And Do We Want Them Back?

Saturday, July 06 2013 @ 12:33 AM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

I was thinking about how the ex-Jays are doing this year, not just the ones who were playing here at some point in 2012, as many have left, but also some of the older ones.

Who'd have thought that of all the Jays that left last winter the one doing the best would be Yan Gomes hitting 280/313/517 for a 130 OPS+ for Cleveland as their backup catcher?

So of all those only Gomes catches me as being very useful right this moment for the Jays.  Frasor is too limited (seems to be a ROOGY now), Villanueva might be useful in his old role (probably misses the Jays right now given he wanted to start so badly and would be right now), Lyon could be useful as an 8th man in the pen but we have plenty of those.  Alvarez being healthy does put him one notch above most starters here.

Other ex Jays of note who we might miss who are still active (sort of)...

Interesting to see who is still out there.  Gregg was a big shock, never thought Scutaro would be hitting this well at this point, or that AJ Burnett would have a longer career than Roy Halladay.  Baseball is a funny game.

So, obvious guys we'd like back are Aaron Hill, Marco Scutaro, maybe AJ Burnett (fear of instant pumpkin status exists with him), and Gomes behind the plate.  Any others I missed or who all of you would like back?