Who To Trade?

Tuesday, October 08 2013 @ 01:10 PM EDT

Contributed by: Gerry

It's time for another "you be the general manager".  The consensus last week was not to offer Josh Johnson a qualifying offer.  That leaves a gap in the 2014 rotation.  You, as the GM, have to go in search of replacement starting pitchers.  We all know that the pitching market is thin and good starters are very, very valuable.  However, after much searching and negotiating, you have been able to line up a trade for a quality starting pitcher, one who will slip into the Blue Jays rotation as their #2 starter. 

There is a catch, what the other team wants in return.

Pitching is scarce but so is power.  As baseball moves further away from the steroid era, power is harder to find, notwithstanding Chris Davis this season.  Only two players in baseball hit more than 36 home runs this season, only ten hit more than 30.  That makes Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion very valuable trading chips.  As GM, your search for a starting pitcher came up empty when you offered relievers, prospects or Adam Lind.  But you can get a #2 starter for either Jose or EE.  Examples of pitchers you could use in this scenario would be Cliff Lee, Derek Holland or Matt Latos, but the question is not about what you receive, its about what to give.


The questions for you as GM are:

Are you willing to deal a slugger for a SP?

If the other team just wants power and isn't particular about who they get, who do you move, Jose or Edwin?