The Calm Before the Storm....change that Navarro!!

Monday, December 02 2013 @ 12:01 AM EST

Contributed by: Gerry

This is the last week of activity before the winter meetings begin on the ninth. GM's are seeing if they can get something done before the meetings or if it will have to wait.

Today, Monday, is the non-tender deadline whereby teams have to decide if they are willing to offer arbitration to their eligible players. Some players will be non-tendered but there may not be many decent starting pitchers or catchers among the non-tendered. The Jays biggest decision is whether to offer arbitration to JP Arencibia, I assume they will.

Ken Rosenthal is reporting the Jays have agreed to sign Dioner Navarro on a two year deal.  I believe the reports on him are good bat, less than good defense.  We will see.

The Jays might or might not be interested in some of the free agent pitchers on the market. Will any of them sign this week or is Tanaka holding them all up? Will somebody break and say they just want to get paid? Will anything happen this week or will it be a snooze fest? We shall see.