Winter Meetings Apalooza

Monday, December 09 2013 @ 10:26 AM EST

Contributed by: Gerry

It looks like winter outside and the winter meetings are in Orlando where I assume it doesn't look like winter. There was so much activity last week that one has to wonder if this week will be a let-down. It seems the market is still undefined particularly in starting pitching where the Jays are looking.

There were some GM meetings a month ago where trade discussions started, we will see if it leads to much this week.

The rule 5 draft will be on Thursday to finish off the meetings. I don't see the Jays picking anyone but they could lose a player.

In his search for starting pitchers AA has said that it seems that the free agents will be too pricey for him. The Jays have a raft full of #5 starter candidates so he really needs a #2 or #3 starter. Can he find one without giving up Aaron Sanchez or Marcus Stroman? If he doesn't trade one of those pitchers he might have to trade a player off his major league roster. That is where the Jose Bautista trade rumours start.

How do you suggest we find a #2 or #3 starter?

UPDATE: Jays to make an announcement at 12:30pm today, Monday.