It's that time of year again .... braggadoccio welcome!

Tuesday, December 24 2013 @ 11:40 PM EST

Contributed by: Gerry

This year Da Box lost Mick Doherty, a long time bauxite. In addition to his Hall of Names threads Mick was known for his Christmas Day post. Here I am reproducing Mick's last Christmas thread from 2011.

We ask this every year as Christmas comes (and if I read my watch right, in Toronto this year, that's in about 20 minutes!) so ...


That's right, we want to know ... was Baseball Santa good to you this year? You can brag on other non-great-game-related givts, too, but we are most interested in the cards, tickets, regalia and memorabilia (or whatever else) you received that would make Bill James smile and little Robbie Neyer insanely jealous. This is also a place to, if you really want to, post your Christmas holiday wishes to others on this site (don't worry, the annual New year's resolutions thread comes next week -- no need to commit early!) .....

Thanks Mick, we are still thinking of you.