The Young Pitcher Contest

Wednesday, February 26 2014 @ 07:36 AM EST

Contributed by: Eephus

Things have gotten kind of slow around here so let's have some fun...

What I'm proposing is a simple contest. Pick one Young Pitcher in each division whom you think will have the most career wins in five seasons. Crude, certainly, but I'm too lazy to make up some kind of brilliant Strikeout/Innings/WHIP/WAR formula so 'W's it is.

The criteria:

-- A Young Pitcher must be currently entering his age 25 season (according to BBref) or younger than that.

-- A Young Pitcher must have 10 career wins or fewer at the major league level (so no to Strasburg, Jose Fernandez and Moore but yes to Wacha, Skaggs, Gausman etc.)

-- Service time is not an issue.

The formula:

-- Easy. One Win equals one point. Also, a +5 bonus for each all-star team said pitcher is named to.

The prize:

-- A lifetime supply of Fud Beer, which can be traded in for a cuddlefish by special request. Oh, and I suppose Bragging Rights(TM) would be thrown in as well.

Also, if you choose somebody who is later traded to another division you don't have to/can't replace him. The six that you choose are in six different divisions as of right now, which is all that matters. You're stuck for all eternity (or five years) with the six you choose.
To get the ball rolling, I'll produce my six:

AL East -            Drew Hutchison
AL Central -      
Danny Salazar
AL West -          
Sonny Gray

NL East -          
Zack Wheeler
NL Central -     
Tony Cingrani (as great as Wacha might become, gotta go with my team here)
NL West -         
Archie Bradley

All right, who you got Bauxites?