Game Week

Sunday, February 23 2014 @ 07:15 PM EST

Contributed by: Gerry

Spring training games start this week, on Wednesday to be precise. I know the game is on MLB Network, a channel that I can get, and it's free for now. The Thursday and Friday games are on Sportsnet 1 and regular Sportsnet respectively. Saturdays game is on the radio and Sunday's is shown on MLB Network on a delay. If you can get the MLB Network and Sportsnet you can see lots of baseball this week.

Elsewhere there is not much to report, the Jays do not appear to be interested in any free agents, Scott Boras thinks Rogers is a cheap owner, and the Jays added another AAA pitcher in Liam Hendricks. That transaction leaves Brett Morel in the waiver dark-zone.

In the absence of news I thought we should track all the reasons why the Jays are going to be much better than last season.

Navarro is better than JP Arencibia

Ryan Goins can help the team even if he hits 260

Ryan Goins has changed his swing working with Kevin Seitzer.  That change will help improve his BA

Jose Reyes and his ankle are back to top form

Maicer Izturis has lost weight

Melky Cabrera has lost weight and his legs are back to normal

Edwin Encarnacion's wrist is completely healed

Brandon Morrow is back to full health

Esmil Rogers has learned/improved the change-up

JA Happ has lowered his arm angle and is getting more movement and better results

The training staff are focused on cutting down on oblique injuries

The Jays need a season with few injuries if they intend to compete. Am I missing any?