Spring Training, Santana Watch Edition

Monday, March 10 2014 @ 09:32 AM EDT

Contributed by: Gerry

On Saturday it seemed as though Ervin Santana was about to sign with his new team.  By 5pm that thought was gone.  The news from last week suggested that Santana had sort of changed agents.  He still has the same agent but the agent was no longer with the same company and the principal of the agency who had been calling the shots was now out of the picture.  With that change the internet was alive with the news that Santana had decided to sign a one year deal with a team and the Jays were one of the teams that were rumoured to be interested.  There was a flurry of activity on Saturday and then silence.  There could be a decision in the next few days.  Ken Rosenthal is reporting this morning that several of the Jays players made a come to the Jays sign and had a photo taken of themselves holding it before sending it to Santana.  Santana is from the Dominican Republic, like many of the Jays players.

Meanwhile the Jays continue to play without generating much news.  Other than Jose Bautista and Melky Cabrera no-one is getting buzz from their hitting.  RA Dickey pitched well on Sunday, other than that the starters have all been giving up runs.  We have by my count eleven pitchers hopeful of a job in the starting rotation.  Of those eleven, just one has a WHIP under 1.33.  The one is Drew Hutchison at 0.8.

There are many stories in the press about how much more settled this team is this spring, but it has yet to show itself on the field. 

Today is an off day with games resuming tomorrow.