Jays vs Royals

Thursday, May 29 2014 @ 07:32 PM EDT

Contributed by: Magpie

Winning is better than losing.


Dickey (5-4, 3.95) vs Shields (6-3, 2.95)
Happ (4-1, 3.34) vs Vargas (4-2, 3.55)
Hutchison (4-3, 3.88) vs Undetermined
Buehrle (9-1, 2.33) vs Guthrie (2-4, 4.14)

Longtime Royals watchers Rob Neyers and Rany Jazayerli are still lamenting the Royals curious decision to cut loose hitting coach Kevin Seitzer, something Jazayerli wasn't very keen on, as he wrote last August:

where I think [Yost] has cost the Royals the most is if, as rumored, he is the reason why Kevin Seitzer was let go. This season is a bright, shining exhibit of how the disappointing offense of 2012 wasnít Seitzerís fault:

He then goes to a link a study at Prospectus that

 came to the conclusion that Seitzer was, if not the best hitting coach of the last 20 years, certainly close. And that was before this season, when practically every hitter he coached last season has declined to varying degrees. I imagine the same study performed today would rank Seitzer even higher.

OK, then.