Great Months in Jays history

Monday, August 31 2015 @ 01:51 AM EDT

Contributed by: John Northey

This has been an amazing month (with one day to go).  Have the Jays ever been this hot?

Doing a bit of checking as I cannot recall a month this nuts.  So best months in key years... W-L, Runs for-Against

Of note: 1981 June 0-10 22-67 is the worst month in Jays history.  That strike couldn't come early enough for that team. For full months it might be 1979 May: 5-23 91-143 or 1978 Sept 4-21 62-126

So the closest I see is May 2003 with a 21-8 record and 193-116 runs scored.  A 77 run spread.  Myers & Delgado led the offense with 1000+ OPS (as did Howie Clark & Jayson Werth in limited action) The team as a whole hit 298/358/500.  Kelvin Escobar was amazing with a sub 2 ERA that month, Cory Liddle was sub 3, Roy Halladay was himself, 9 saves for Cliff Politte, Mark Hendrickson was the lucky one with a 3-0 record despite a 4.46 ERA. 3.78 team ERA that month.  Impressive but this month is at 99 depending on Monday's game vs Cleveland.  A win and we have our first +100 month ever I suspect in Jays history.

With one game to go some Jay stats...


Phew.  What a month indeed.  All of us who've been here since the World Series years needed that.