ALCS Game 1 -- Estrada vs Volquez

Friday, October 16 2015 @ 05:36 PM EDT

Contributed by: Eephus

Take out the part that breaks my heart
And makes me sound uncaring
If you eliminate the swearing
Then I could show my mother
That you can go from one chord to another

The Blue Jays quest for a World Series turns to Kansas City, a rematch of the 1985 ALCS. Both teams are saying that the previous fireworks between them are over with, though we'll see how that holds up in an intense atmosphere like this series is sure to provide.



Revere (LF)
Donaldson (3B)
Bautista (RF)
Encarnacion (DH)
Colabello (1B)
Tulowitzki (SS)
Navarro (C)
Pillar (CF)
Goins (2B)
Estrada (P)


Escobar (SS)
Zobrist (2B)
Cain (CF)
Hosmer (1B)
Morales (DH)
Moustakas (3B)
Perez (C)
Gordon (LF)
Rios (RF)
Volquez (P)

I (like many others I'm sure!) am still in Shock and Awe over Wednesday's affair, so I really have nothing else to add. Hopefully this series brings out the good in everyone.